Bazaar Palma

A luxury, simple, rustic and natural

Located where it was formerly the Fontdevila bookstore, closed for more than 40 years, Bazaar Palma maintains the spirit of its ancient essence in wooden shelves, showcases, rustic wooden doors, tiled floors and its sideboard. The golden tone of the walls and the brass cladding give a delicate nod to the golden logo of the brand, a palm tree 100% pure gold, drawn by the illustrator Jaume Vilardell.

In this store each object has a history and each piece is harmoniously blended with the others. Tablecloths with Haitian hand-cooked botanical motifs, Portugal cutlery, walnut planks for cutting, French and English crockery, handmade bed sheet in India marketed by Mille et Claire, leather aprons, original accessories for the kitchen as fountains for oven, threads in natural fiber for cooking, pelapatatas.

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